Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Best!

Just look how cute our kids are! not that I am bragging or anything ;)

I have to laugh everytime I see this picture because it seems that every one is happy.... right?? well what you didn't see and hear was the prodding and threatening Draycin so that he would smile. This is actually the last picture of the bunch that was taken!If you look you can see that all is well with the other 3 kids but Draycin is looking up at daddy who is threatening him if he doesn't smile.The other kids- still good! Draycin whining that he doesn't want to take a picture!

Allie, Brenton and Cael- Check! Draycin- refusing to look at the camera.We really had to fight with Draycin to even get on the couch, but hey he is 2, and we all know what comes along with that! but just as much wonderful (if not more) comes along with it too!!


Friday, May 22, 2009

You Did It!

Thank you America for getting this one right!! Congratulations to Kris Allan for winning American Idol!!
When it comes to American Idol winners I can think of a few that America has gotten right: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jordan Sparks (toss-up), and Kris Allan.
I can also think of quite a few that America was Just crazy (brain-dead) over: Ruban studdard, Fantasia Bourino, Taylor Hicks. Can we say WOW!? We should be really proud of ourselves!!
The only one I left out was David Cook because I didn't watch any of that season... so I cannot say.
American Idol is the only thing that I watch on TV....EVER! So I get really frustrated when the judges get stuck on someone like Adam Lambert- not to say that he wasn't talented, but the screaming.... really..... how much can we take???? I wish that someone would put a clip together of all his screaming and post it on the inter net so that everyone who is his fan could see what I am talking about!!

All in all, it was a really good season with lots of great talent and I hope that everyone can see that Kris was very deserving of this title. The other great thing about Kris was that he was so humble and nice and I think that has a lot to say about a person! I am happy about the out come and excited to see what next year brings!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I am throwing myself a pity party today. My head hurts (just like it has every day for a week straight) I am always tired, and wouldn't you guess... the dishes are not done! I always feel like a horrible mommy when I really think that I am gonna lose it if the kids don't get to sleep right at nine and I have the greatest urge just to scream my head off . Like, really... how would that make things any better??? I am starting to get REALLY SICK of being alone while Josh is works swing and I have to run all the kids around to all their activities. My body has been screaming at me to lay off and take a rest before it completely shuts down, BUT I DON"T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!!! I know that I am not alone in my complaining and I know that I shouldn't be doing it in the first I will tell you what I am thankful for.....

1-My wonderful husband who works hard to support our family!
2- My beautiful kids and how lucky I am to have them! They make me laugh and smile every day!
3-My mom for coming and helping me with all the AVON literature.
4- My bed that I am going to go lay on in just a minute.
5- and for My Father in Heaven who blesses me and helps me keep going every day!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer is Coming!!!

These pictures make me just long for the summer!! I think that the kids are just as antsy as I am too!!Poor daddy was getting mauled by all the kids. I know he secretly LOVES it!!He couldn't barely get up because all the kids kept jumping on him and grabbing him!Don't they all look like they are having a blast!?!
Josh has to help Draycin jump because it is hard with the big kids.

Cute little Cael is happy just to watch from the deck with mommy!

They were having a bum-drop contest and Josh always wins because he is the biggest and he steals the kid's bounce.
I am glad that the kids can have even a short break between school and other activities to just be silly and have fun!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We must be Fans!

As if we didn't get enough soccer time in during the week, and every weekend!!! We went to another Salt Lake Real game, which was a complete blast and was so nice to go on a date with my hubby and escape all the madness for a few hours!!

This is Alex and Jacinda who also came along to the game and we all had a lot of fun together!This is the crazy REAL fans who partied and banged on drums and screamed the whole time!

Me and my hubby! so cute!!!!
It was a fun game and REAL was ahead by 1 point until the very end of the game and the other team scored, then they added on 7 min. and and both teams scored another point so the game ended tied 2 to 2.

Here we are again, and you see that darling scarf I am wearing??? Well.... everyone was making fun of it, but I don't care!!! I LOVE IT!!!

this is one of the exciting moments of the game and I just happened to catch it on video!! Hope you enjoy!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Ti's the Season....

For soccer... that is! Allie and Brenton are both playing soccer this year, and I must tell you that, at times, the schedule we keep is a bit hectic! Especially since it over-laps Piano, Tavaci (singing), and Base ball. Sometimes I have to ask myself the question..."am I crazy???" as if we didn't already have enough going on lets add something else to our plate! You all know how I LOVE to eat... well when it comes to extra curricular I always feel like our eyes are bigger than our stomachs! Not that I should complain because I totally enjoy watching and participating with my kids in all the activities that they do!!! They are some spoiled and blessed kids!!!!! Here are some pictures and examples of what our life has been like lately!Draycin is just one of the people that is dragged around from place to place for the 10 things that are all done in the same day. But, hey! He seems happy to me! and I am sure that we will have even MORE fun when he starts doing stuff too!!Cael loves to be outside to watch all the sporting events and like I told Dina... Only Real Men know how to sit in Pink chairs and make it look this good! This is Brenton at one of the soccer games he has played this season! Brenton is very athletic and does really well at soccer! He has massive kicks and scores goals like crazy!!! He is sooo much fun to watch and his coach is always telling us what an animal he is!!

Brenton is the one with the ball! I will have to put a video of him on here later so that you can see what I am talking about!
Here is Brenton at his final piano recital of the semester where he gets judged! He did very well and we were all very proud of him!
Of course, you would figure that this recital was the same day as his soccer game, just at a different time!
This is Allie at her final recital of the semester also, same day as Brentons but a different time and she also played a soccer game too!She did excellent and the judges were very happy with her performance!! She always works very hard and practices without complaining!! Plus how could you not Love this beautiful girl??
This is Allie at one of her soccer games! They have canceled so many games because of the bad weather that we will be making them up still a month later! but last week both Allie and Brenton had to play in the pouring (and I mean POURING) rain because they couldn't afford to cancel another game.

Allie is such a trooper and even though soccer is not her forte she has fun and enjoys every minute of it!!

So there you have it! I hope that we all continue to survive all the craziness, and that the kids all have fun and are happy!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watch Yo mouth!

So a little while ago Draycin walked into the kitchen; looked down at the mess on the floor, that Cael had made, and boldly exclaimed " What the crap?" at first I said what??? so... he looked at me, put his hands on his hips and said "mommy, What the crap?" I tried really hard not to laugh (because then he would've thought it was ok), and started to tell him that we don't talk like that, but was stopped right in my tracks. Scenes from my own life came flooding back to my memory.... hands on my hips..... puzzled looks on my face...... and those dreaded words...... It was then that I realized that it was, ahem, me who taught him that. Oh... you couldn't read that?!? OK IT WAS ME!!! I have used this phrase when I am upset, puzzled or lost, and didn't realize that my 2 year old had picked up on this and was just mimicking me. Oh the shame! I am sure that there are worse things that he could mimic , but from now on I am going to try to watch my mouth!!! and then I can just blame everything on his father! HA ha ha!