Monday, September 27, 2010

Chocolate cake and hopes for a better tomorrow

I am sitting here drowning my sorrows in the left over chocolate cake from Draycin's birthday yesterday. Today was not good. I cried my eyes out yesterday night on the way home from my family's house. I feel so someone is always missing. I am blessed to have 4 kids for only the price of two and they fill life with joy and non stop activity! You would think that I would be satisfied. The loss of the baby has been incredibly hard on me. I so wanted that baby.... from the second I found out that I was expecting.... That child was mine. I understand and trust in Heavenly Father's will, and I know that everything will turn out as it should. I still feel such a loss. It is interesting to me how life goes, and yet I still can't help but wonder if there was something that I did to cause it. I wish that it would be over with so that I would stop thinking about it. I am so grateful for a wonderful loving husband and family!! They have been so sweet and good to check on me... to let me talk, to feed me and my family meals, to watch the kids! I have really been blessed! I am so grateful for all the love, help, support and good neighbors while I have not been feeling well.
Another bite of cake and here's to a better tomorrow!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Number 4 I Do Adore!

Today was our Draycin's 4th Birthday! I can't believe how much you have grown! It seems as though the years are speeding by like lightning. You have always been such a sweet and funny boy! I am so grateful for your thoughtful personality and very caring attitude! You are so much fun! You are so sweet and always try to cheer up those who are sad! You care about others around you, and you are very sensitive to the Gospel and it's teachings! We are so blessed that you came to our family! Know that you are Loved and that we can't wait to watch you continue to grow!Little Draycin 1 day old! Draycina and sissy just chillin! Alex and Jacinda's Wedding in 2006!
Draycin's first food- 4 and 1/2 month old!
He was always such a happy and sweet baby!
Daddy and Draycin in their matching spiffs!
Draycin and his cousin Adelaide Christmas 2007
Don't you just wish you could eat those fat cheeks!?!
Look at that handsome little boy!
Draycin is a Smiley, friendly and talkative boy! He was covered in sugary cotton candy at the SL REAL game in 2008
Playing in the water at the pool.
Another SL REAL game in July of 2009 with the family.
Christmas 2009 Monster trucks February 2010 The cutest little police you ever did see!
Playing indoor soccer! it was a hoot!
The air plane museum in Clearfield.
Playing in the sand at the Great Salt Lake!
Wilbur and Charlotte with her web at the BE County Fair 2010!
We hope that you had the happiest Birthday ever Draycin! We all Love you!
-Mommy, Daddy, Allie, Brenton and Cael

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mindy Gledhills new Music Video!

She has a beautiful voice, and I Love this song! Just click here to watch.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing Catch up

I hate that I always forget that the pictures always go in the opposite order you post them and I forget. So this is the latest to clear back to the end of June. Look what I did to may hair! This is after the SL REAL game for Brenton and Jacinda's Birthday. They won of course! The soccer cake that I made for Brenton's Birthday.
Josh, Cael and I at the game!
Brenton being nice and sharing his Birthday sundae with Draycin!
Allie, Brenton, Draycin, Cael, Averie and Taylee at the Gateway fountains before the REAL game!
Sissy and Cael! Brenton and Draycin!
Swimming Lessons this year were fun! Draycin just came up out of the water!
Brenton posing for me to be cool at swim lessons.
Allie getting ready to get in the water!
Ummm...We all bought a horse, and Then it bucked Allie off. She got some pretty bad bruises, but was very blessed that there was nothing more serious.
Allie petting the horse.
Hill Air Force Base Museum! It was really cool and our boys Loved it!
The guys posing for a picture at the museum.
Water fight at my parents! The kids all got soaked and had a great time!

Kaylee got into the cup cakes for Brenton's Birthday and you could tell! ha ha! Leah is shooting everyone with water!
Allie and Leah duking it out!
Brenton got this Iron man t-shirt from my parents that he Loves!
Cael turned two!

His awesome guitar shirt from Turtle. The Cake I made him!
Allie riding a horse at the 24th celebration.
Brenton won the foot race for his age and got a free hamburger! He does it every year! way to go Brenton!
Cael took first place in his age group for the baby show! He was so happy!
Draycin slurping up a delicious Shaved ice, and sporting an awesome face painting!
The parade float for the 24th. We got up at 5:30 in the morning so that we could tie all those balloons on in time. We got first place though!
Josh and Brenton both acting like dorks at Bear Lake for Cael's Birthday!
Little chubby Cael!
On the wave runner! Cael just kept wanting more!
Kaylee, Cael and Leah putting on a concert at Grandpa and Grandma Holley's!
Camping at city of Rocks.

Hey look I am in a picture! I really was there.
Swimming for Allie's Birthday!
The cake that I made her! Doesn't she look cute!
Neighborhood swimming party at our house! The kids had so much fun we ended up doing another neighborhood back to school swim party!

Well there you have it. I still have like ten more things to post! Hopefully I can keep up this time!