Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Salt Lake

My side of the family takes a yearly trip to the Great Salt Lake to play and eat every year! It is a lot of fun, and the kids really enjoy it as long as they can learn not to wipe their eyes after they have been in the water. ;) I know that this happened over 3 months ago, but I am always behind and you know that is the truth!!
Allie, Cael, Sarah, Kaylee and Karlie

Allie just Loves to play in the sand!

Draycin thinks that it is the best thing too!!
Kaylee and Leah trying to find whatever trouble they can!

Sariah, Drew, Talmage and Sarah inspect the sand

Grandma Holley Rocks her cool shades
Sam is slowly morphing into the sand man

Lauren and Sariah are the "ladies" of the group

Abby and Gracie giving a big thumbs up to the finger lickin chicken goodness!

aunt Savannah modeling how to really eat a piece of corn.

Dallin... the chicken eating man.
Uncle Shay is really excited to get a drink of water!

The kids kept sending the big truck screaming all the way down the track and Brenton would run down after it. It was pretty funny!

Nobowaki and his friend from Japan. We Love Nob!

Sweet Gabrielle and Mallory posing for a picture!

Auntie M waiting to see what Garth...I mean Uncle Shawn is going to do next!

My sister Karlie and me!

There were those who seemed to avoid every picture I took, but we still know you were there! Thanks for the fun!