Friday, September 25, 2009

Third Time's the charm!

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet little Draycin!!! We are so blessed to have you in our family, and we enjoy your fun and silly personality every day!! I remember the day that you were born like it was yesterday! They started me early in the morning around 8 am, and predicted that you would be born by noon. Well the day wore on and still no Draycin... I wasn't progressing like I should and you were starting to get distressed... so at 6pm the Dr. decided that we had better do a C-section. A quick blessing (and a hair net) and we were rolled into the operating room. I stayed awake so I could see you, and as they prepared to push you out you moved into the highest left corner of my ribs that you could! They had two pretty big people jump on my stomach to pop you out, and let me tell you that IT HURT! The first thing that came out was your little hand flipping the bird to everyone in the room (this is a firm testament of the way that you are today. Hahaha!) I could hear the Dr. laughing and talking about it. Then came the full out angry screaming!!! And it did my heart good because I knew you were alive and healthy!! It was 6:12 p.m. I was able to briefly look at you and see your face and then you were gone so that I could be sewn up. There is something to say about your first born child... it is amazing how fast you bond to that child. When I finally got to hold you I remember saying how cute you were and telling you that I loved you! Your little eyes staring right at mine, and I knew that you understood what I meant and that you felt the same way! The way that I could stop you from crying by just saying one word was amazing to me! Daddy and I have so enjoyed watching you grow and become yourself over the past few years. You are a fiery, silly, and very loving boy!! We are glad that you are ours!! This is Draycin by the spider man go cart at peach days a few weeks ago!Draycin riding his "motorcycle" this summer!One of his favorite things to do. get dirty! he is very good at it!!Cute little cowboy at the fair in 2008.Lagoon 2007. his first ride alone!!First birthday! such cute boys!!He would always stick his nose up in the air and smile really cheesy!! Soooo adorable!He was walking around with those keys in his mouth forever! about 11 months old.This is what we call the knee flap stage. oh how I miss those knee flaps!Draycin was always such a happy and loving baby! he just loves everyone and everything!!
With sissy and Brenton at Disney on Ice!

Draycin and Daddy first Christmas 2006!

First Halloween as a little pumpkin! 1 month old!
Handsome Draycin all ready for his first church meeting! 2 weeks old!

The Day that my precious little boy was born!! "Dacha" Draycin for being such a good boy!!

All our Love,

Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Feel My Saviors Love!

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that I care about you!! I have witnessed people with broken hearts, homeless, jobless, hungry, in despair, mourning, struggling, and without the Love they so desperately need. I hope that all will come to the realization that they are of worth and that Our Heavenly Father Loves all of us!!! He will always be there to comfort us and help us through anything...if we will only turn to him! I hope that everyone will know that I care for them!!!