Friday, August 13, 2010

And Then he was 8!

Holy Cow Ben (love name given by Cael) When did you decide to go and get so big?!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! This is a very important year for you! Baptism is just around the corner and I am excited for you to have that blessing! You are so full of life, you live in the moment. A free spirit really! I admire how talented you are when it comes to sports, and how you have such a wonderful imagination! You are an important part of our family and your little brothers look up to you! I hope that you have a wonderful year and that you learn and grow! Always tell yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to! You are a very intelligent young man! Little Ben with sissy Allie as a cute little baby in 2002!
This costume fits you perfectly! And you look so cute in it too!

Big Ben and little Draycin in 2006

What a cute little Pirate all dressed up for Disney on Ice!
Oh how we LOVE to watch you wrestle!

Who could resist that cute little dirty face??

Brenton at the age of 4 riding the late Mr. Wrinkles. We used to call that hat his bald cap.

I just Love this picture of Brenton twirling Allie around the dance floor! Watch out girls he can dance! 2007
Our Monkey appropriately posing for this picture.

Baseball season 2008! He looked so cute in his uniform!

Daddy giving Ben some pointers on how to shoot. And yes that is a pink gun. Real men can ROCK pink!

Brenton and Daddy riding the coaster in Park City. 2009

Dracula broke free from character to give us a cheesy grin last Halloween!

Starring Brenton as "Yertle the Turtle" in the class readings from Dr. Seuss 2010.

Handsome little boy!

Soccer 2010. One of his favorite sports!

See what I mean by "free spirit"?

Ice skating in June of 2010. He did very well for only his 2nd time!

Playing water basketball at Durfee Springs, Idaho in July of 2010!

Brenton Loves to camp, tease his siblings and trap bugs in plastic cups as shown here!

We all Love you very Much!!!
-Shawee, Daddy, Allie, Draycin and Cael