Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's The End Of The World....

To me anyway! Our hard drive was making some weird noises the other day and then it stopped working! All of our pictures and videos were stored on that thing and we don't know if we can get the memory transferred to a different drive or if it is ruined. SNIFF SOB!!! I am praying that it will all be fine when we pick up our new one, but am super stressed at the thought of loosing everything! anyway... if worse comes to worse than I would really appreciate any pictures you have of our family. Cael especially, because his whole first year of life would be gone!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lucky number 7!!!!

Happy Birthday Brenton!!!! We are so happy to have you in our family! We always enjoy watching you excel in all the sports you play, and you definitely keep us on our toes wherever we go! you have a fun personality and are very adventurous! I am so happy that you came into my life, and I still remember that sweet little 2 year old boy! I hope you know that your father and I Love you so very much and are proud of the person that you are! Don't ever give up Brenton! Have faith in yourself and you can do anything!!

I have a funny little story to tell you before I get to the pictures. Brenton wanted to go for a bike ride for his birthday so, Josh packed the bikes and I packed the lunch. We thought for sure that this would be a safe trip......as you would guess Brenton found a way to push it to the limit! We were on our way back to the car and crossing a board walk when Brenton decided he wanted to run his foot along the side to see what would happen while he coasted on his bike, and you guessed it...... He went flying off the side. Josh and I were behind so we watched the whole thing. We went racing to him and for some reason he was not barely hurt except for some scrapes??? I really think that there is a Very Tired guardian Angel that follows that boy around!!! It was a drop and he was very luck that it was nothing serious. At least he knows how to get his parents adrenaline running!!! On our toes!Brenton's blessing picture!Brenton at the Valentines dance in Bear River @ 2 years old!With his piggy @ grandmas when he was 3!At the hospital when he officially became the big brother! He was 4!Turtle and Spuds wedding! Brenton in Smithfield @ age 5!T-ball last summer!His 6th birthday!Christmas 2008!Brave little Brenton!Pitch machine this summer!on his scooter in July!

I just love how glorious this picture is! Such a handsome boy and big 7 already!!!

All our Love

-Dad and Shawee!

I am so behind!
Here are pictures of the past few months! Also, I will be posting pictures from our trip to California ASAP!!!
The pictures go in order from most recent to past!Birthday for Cael @ grandma Nelsons!Riding Mr. wrinkles @ the farm!Cael's actual 1st birthday! we had everyone over to eat and party, and it was a blast!Bear Lake with the family!Salt Lake REAL game and fireworks on the 24th!24th of July Parade and celebration in Bear River City!Lagoon With the family!Camping with everyone! Just look at my dirty face from 4 wheeling! another reason I don't like 4 wheeling!Josh and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!!Random picture of Brenton and Blackie sleeping on the cement. ????Swimming at the Logan pool after the barbecue for Allie's baptism!Allie's baptism! it was wonderful!
Our house! The lawn looks beautiful, but we still have no flowers! I need flowers!!!
I will try to keep you more up to date in the future!