Monday, June 28, 2010


Goodness!! Where does the time go?? I was looking at these pictures of you and it seems like only yesterday that you were so little. I can't believe that you are 9! Next year it's double digits from here on out!
Allie, I really admire you! How sweet you are! Your loving attitude and the way you care for and play with all your brothers!! You are so sensitive and really pick up on others feelings. You are the peace maker in our home! I Love watching you catch bugs (even though I hate the little critters) and how you admire horses and all animals! I have totally enjoyed watching you grow and become your sweet little self! I wish you the Happiest Birthday ever and hope for many more to come!!
Look at that sweet baby! I wish that I was around to pinch those beautiful fat cheeks!
This picture makes me giggle!
Posing in your Easter Dress!
The very first attempt at soccer! Although it was not your thing, you sure look dang cute!
Allie at Chilli's- one of her favorite places to eat chicken pasta!Showing a lamb at the fair in 2005!

Our little princess all dressed up!

When Allie turned 4! that really seems like only yesterday!

Miss Allie in front of the Allosaurous!
She even looks cute holding a nasty snake!
She is a stinking cute little Cow Girl!!!
Showing her very first pig this year!
Miss Nibley pageant this year!!
Allie, Daddy and I and your brothers Love you dearly, and we are so grateful for you in our lives!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm a day late and a dollar short!

Happy Fathers Day honey!!! We really appreciate all your hard work, your love, your thoughtfulness, fun, attitude and all that you mean to us cannot be described in words alone! Know that we all love you and would not be who we are today without you! and hey what other dad would take all the kids in the neighborhood for a ride in the go cart???? YOU are sooo cool! ha ha ha! I really mean that


Pigs Pools Parks and more!

We're going on a skip to our favorite Vernal trip, zoomin' in the car for 5 hours! (little Einsteins)
This is the Vernal temple. it used to be a Tabernacle, but was converted about 13 years ago. We ate lunch outside just before we went home! Allie and Grandpa just before they sold her pig for $400, and then was boosted enough to make $500!

Allie did one scoop just for the picture to make it look like she cleaned out the pigs pen. Ha ha!
Grandpa and all the kids with the poor pig who had not a clue that they would soon be turn into delicious bacon.
Allie Showing the pig. I think that she did very well for her first year! The pig wanted to run a little, but Allie did well!
Allie, Brenton, Draycin and Cael posing with the pig!

Allie grew really fond of her pig and didn't really like the idea of selling it to someone else.
This was the AWESOME swimming pool/gym/rock climbing/ping pong indoor place we have ever seen! They must have a lot of money in their community because Vernal is out in the middle of nowhere and they have really neat stuff!!
Brenton coming down the really fast slide!

Allie and Draycin on the big water toys!

Cael and I relaxing in the shallow water! Josh should have given me the camera so he could be in a picture too!

There were so many places to play with the water and so many cool things at that pool that now Josh doesn't want to go anywhere else because they are all "boring". I don't think that I want to drive 5 hours to swim.
This was at the dinosaur museum! It was pretty cool. I just wish that we would've had more time to see everything!
Our kids are so very cute!!!!!!!

We were looking at the mineral rocks that glow in the dark.

Vernal is known for it's Dinosaur artifacts. Me and the kids in front of T-Rex.

Our family! We actually had a lot of fun, and it was like going on a mini vacation while we were there for the 3 days to show and sell Allie's pig!

Grandpa and the kids! I think that Mark really enjoys doing all the stuff with the pigs and kids more than he lets on.
Cael running through a small cave in the museum!

Me and Cael in front of that FREAKY looking dinosaur. It looked like it was smiling. VERY SCARY!

Brenton and Draycin digging for artifacts.

Brenton and Allie in front of the Alisaurus!

All the kids playing at this way cool park! It had everything!!

Brenton showing off his climbing skills!

Draycin cruising down the slide.


overall it was a good trip, but we were all very tired by the time it was over and we were back home!

Miss Nibley Sweetheart!!

Allie participated in the Miss Nibley Sweetheart pageant this year and I think that she had a lot of fun doing it! This is her at the end with her crown and flowers! Doesn't she look beautiful!! I am so lucky to have this little girl in my life!
What a good big sister! and just look at that gaggle of brothers she has! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Allie and her daddy. He was her escort on the stage when they were reading the bio about her. It was very cute!
Allie in her dance outfit! They had all the girls do a dance number, and Allie-for the first time- got really into wanting to have her picture taken. She just kept posing and wanting me and her mom to snap more!
So Cute! and it was a lot of fun dolling her up and getting her all ready for everything! She also performed a piano piece for her talent, and she did very well! The pageant was fun, but entirely too long! everyone was exhausted by the end!

This is the night She finished the art project she had to turn in for the pageant. She did it all by herself and it was awesome!! I had to let her stay up late a couple nights in a row so that she could finish it, but she thought it was fun and well worth the work!!