Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Today is Josh's 31st Birthday!! Honey you know how Loved and appreciated you are!! I am so personally grateful for you in my life! You are a wonderful husband, Father and provider! Thanks for all you do!

Here is to many, many more birthdays to come!
Josh and Brenton at the Dinosaur museum!Our family at the corn maze @ American west Heritage Center!Josh and Allie going to a Daddy Daughter Halloween party!Josh and all the boys camping!Josh and Cael out boating at Bear lake!Josh and I on our two year Anniversary!What a sweet daddy reading to Allie Brenton and Draycin!
Josh and Draycin 3 years ago!
Sweetheart We all Love you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Halloween at Christmas!

not really, but it took this long to get the pictures onto the computer!
Josh and Allie went to the Daddy Daughter Halloween party for our ward!I made Allie's Halloween costume this year, and it actually turned out cute!It helps that Allie is just gorgeous!The candy house she made at the party!Our cute kids dressed up to go to the Halloween recital, and carnival at YC.Allie after she preformed her piece!Scary Brenton after his piece!Little cowboy at the carnival!The Vampire actually gave us 1 smile that night, and we caught it on cameraTrying to get the doughnuts! It was hilarious to watch!
Me and the gang in front of my parents house!Our cute kids at the Trunk-or-treat at Dina's ward!Cael, Draycin, Allie, Brenton and Averie at Grandma Fletchers!
Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Child's point of view

You know those signs that people hold up on the street to get you to buy their products? Well today we were taking Allie and Brenton to piano, and on the way there we saw a man dressed in a banana suit.

Draycin: Mom look that is a banana pizza guy! He wants you to eat his pizza with bananas on it cause people like bananas on their pizza!

Brenton: No Draycin... he is a banana because they probably are selling fruit, and today they have bananas. He is probably wearing that because they want you to buy their bananas.

Draycin: No it's banana pizza!

Brenton: Probably fruit!

Well we never could figure out what the banana man was for, but I found it interesting what the boys thought about it! Banana fruit pizza....probably!