Thursday, February 24, 2011


Tonight I asked Draycin to say the prayer. He must've been in the mood because he obliged and began right away. It was like he had already been thinking about the things that he wanted to talk to Heavenly Father about.

He prayed that we would be safe and that Daddy would be safe on his way home from work. He thanked Heavenly Father that we have a house and food and clothes and money because Daddy has a job. He asked That Heavenly Father would bless the poor and the sick, and the missionaries and the soldiers.

As I listened I knew that these were not just repeat things that he says. He was being very thoughtful, and talking directly to his Father in Heaven like he knew for sure that He was listening!

I am so grateful for the kind and loving heart that Draycin has, and that he is so thoughtful. My kids never cease to teach me more than I can teach them! I hope that I can be like them with their unshakable faith!