Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today many more people at ATK lost their jobs. I pray that their lives will be led in the right directions, that they will be comforted and that as they search for other options that they will not suffer. Please keep those in need in your prayers and do all you can to give service! It is times like these that we need rely so heavily on our Heavenly Father, and he uses us to help others! So please follow those promptings!

We were fortunate enough that Josh kept his Job.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Christmas photos!
Miss Allie got a nativity ornament for the year she turned 8!The look on Brenton's face is just priceless! Classic A Christmas Story moment!The kids gave me a sweet heart necklace!I was reading what it said.My hubby and the kids after they had opened all the presents.Brenton with the Ice Age movie!Allie holding up the beautiful dress my parents bought her!Brenton is overjoyed to see that He got Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars!Allie got a huge coloring pad. She loves to color, draw and write!Draycin in his new Lightning McQueen spiffs holding Madagascar!Allie's Christmas jammies!Brenton's Christmas jammies!Cael Helping Daddy open his presents. He apparently thought that every one was for him!Josh and his usual dope eyed picture displaying his new Salt Lake REAL shirt!I am modeling the lovely work out clothes I got!Draycin Just loves this batman car that goes!This is one of the best presents Cael got! I will have to do a separate post just to show you how cute he is with it!Draycin is surveying the contents of his stocking!Cael riding the pony that Santa brought him!Our decked out house that Josh so lovingly decorated! it looked great!The tree filled with our yearly ornaments in the big kitchen window!Our Christmas tree in the living room!The boys on Christmas Eve in their new jammies!Draycin thought it was hilarious to put bows on Daddy!Cute little Draycin holding his ornament!Mommy and Cael.Cael giving Santa high five!Santa and Draycin!The boys wrestling at the Christmas dance!Mommy and Draycin taking a twirl!Draycin dancing with his cousin Averie.Cael posing for the camera.Daddy dancing with Cael,

Me and Cael with Santa at a family party!

thanks for putting all the pictures on the computer honey!


The Change
This is the hair color that I recently went to. It is so close to my natural color that I shouldn't have to dye my hair for a long time!

This is the light blond color that I sported for about a year.

The very funny thing is that the only two sweet people that even noticed that I changed my hair color thought it looked lighter. What do you think?


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Christmas pictures!

Allie... can I just say "thank Heavens for her!"

My Boys!Aren't they cute!!??