Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cael Turns 2!!!!

Cael Turned two today!! We made him a breakfast of pancakes and sausage and sang to him at 9:54am....exactly the time he was born! Words cannot express how grateful I am for this sweet little boy! He is such a joy, and has brought so much happiness to all our lives! We adore him! His sweet mischievous smile, and love for guitars and balls! He is definitely all boy (except for his love for shoes! ha ha!) He has started talking a lot! He is so sweet and handsome! I am so glad you are in our family! You add so much to it! We all wish you a Happy Birthday and many more happy Birthdays to come!! Cael at the hospital. 1 day old! First Halloween as a puppy. He had the tongue thing down to an art!

Look at those baby blues!

Sweet little Cael, and our dog....when she used to be cute.

Fourth of July '09
Out boating on Cael's 1st Birthday!
Cael & Allie (sissy) riding the late Mr. Wrinkles.
Look at that fat little squishy bundle of joy! Don't you want to hug him?

Cael and his mad guitar skills!

"Ben" , Cael and Draycin! My boys

Cael got his first real guitar!

The boys having a wild rock concert!

Cael Loves watermelon! and he has the melon shadow to prove it!

I Love this picture of Cael folding his arms and holding his hat waiting to say the prayer! He is such a good boy!
This is Cael 2 days ago at Bear lake for his Birthday. We rented a wave runner and all he wanted was "more"!

Yesterday Cael took first place at the baby show for the 24th of July bash in Bear River City! He was so happy carrying around his paper everywhere to show everyone! What a handsome little boy!
We all Love you!
Mommy, Daddy, Allie, Brenton and Draycin!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My 25th B-Day! A month late!

I had a wonderful Birthday this year!! The day started out with Josh making me breakfast and taking care of the kids so I could get ready for the day!
My Cute family posing for a picture later in the day after they sang to me! My sister invited us to go the the Willow park zoo with her and her kids. We saw the animals, ate a picnic and let our kids run around on the toys! It was really nice! Cael kept going down the slide with Allie....just look at the happiness on every ones faces!

Leah, Abby, Josh, Cael, Draycin, Allie, Sam, Brenton and Kaylee! all the cousins feeding the ducks!!

Me and Josh! When we got home Josh actually let me cut his hair because I told him I wanted to and he couldn't refuse me because it was "my birthday" ha ha! It turned out good and I think he will let me do it again!
He made me a delicious sweet and spicy apple pork dish with rice and fries! I just love it, and now that I am thinking about it.... I really want more-Hint hint! The kids sang to me and gave me gifts! I got an awesome ice cream pie (made by Josh) and I didn't have to cook or clean all day! I really appreciate all the phone calls, emails, cards and well wishes! It was a wonderful birthday!!

I Love and appreciate you all!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our 5th Anniversary!!

My sweet hubby planned our anniversary this year! He called and reserved a place to stay in Bear Lake (thanks mom) for the night of our anniversary and we had a complete blast! We hopped in the car after dropping off the kids at my in-laws! thanks Mark and Julie! Josh stopped and bought me these beautiful flowers on our way! This is where we stayed! It was very nice! Of course we had to get pictures of us together! thank heavens for timers on the camera!

So sweet our children would be disgusted! ha ha!

We immediately got changed and headed out to Bear Lake! And no I didn't get my hair wet, but I did get in the water up to my neck and I think that counts as still having fun!

Love letters in the sand!

Josh soaking up all of the Bear Lake goodness!!

I made a sand castle. What does it look like to you?

Our piggie toes in the sand!

We went back to world mark, got changed and fixed dinner: steak, salad, cheesy focacia bread, and fruit salad. Yum!! We ate outside as the sun went down. It was very romantic!

The next morning we wanted to go play some tennis and swim in the pool before we checked out, but the tennis court was full and the pool had a ton of people so we packed up and headed to Bloomington lake! This is us hiking up to see the lake.

Close up!

The beautiful glacier lake! Josh was brave and got in. I can only imagine how cold it was because that is snow still melting right into the lake in the middle of July!

Josh attempting to get used to the cold. At least the picture doesn't show you all the freaking out and shaking he did to get that far into the water.

They have an awesome swing there that you can swing off of into the water! Josh did it 3 times!

Check out his face! You hit that water and it sucks the breath right out of you!

We drove back into Bear Lake and looked at all the shops! then Josh took me to the play house where we saw "Bandito Rides Again". It was very funny! Then we ate at one of the burger places and topped it off with a raspberry shake which makes every Bear Lake trip complete!
We stayed in Bear lake for our honeymoon and did all the exact same things 5 years ago so it was a lot of fun to go and make new memories in our favorite places!
Thanks for the great anniversary! I Love You Honey!!!