Monday, April 12, 2010

February and March!

My months and days are never dull, and they fly by so fast that it is very hard for me to find a moment to look back,let-a-lone, post anything about them..... still I feel so guilty as I read other more frequent posts of friends and family members. Then I feel guilty for feeling guilty because I am Crazy for thinking that I actually have time to post in the first place. here I am rambling anyway so I might as well attach a few pictures for you as well.... Just so I can ease my mind.
First of all... Chris and Shauntay were finally able to adopt a baby!!!! Here is Shauntay nibbling on her beautiful little Taylee's cheeks!
Taylee is so sweet an beautiful! This little girl created quite a buzz of excitement in out family! We are just so happy that she is here and that Chris and Shauntay have the sweet little baby that they have waited for for so long!This was at Shauntays baby shower! man did that girl get spoiled!Cael doesn't go a day without playing the guitar. Just the other day we went to the Book Table and went into the basement where they sale guitars only. You would have thought that he had died and gone to guitar Heaven he was shaking because he was so overwhelmed and excited. he wantd to touch and see every guitar! Trying to leave caused a complete meltdown and he cried for a very long time following.The first time all our kids got to meet and hold Taylee when Chris and Shauntay were able to bring her home!We were all baby hogging!Once again! Cael now playing guitar hero with daddy!Brenton played basket ball and decided that it wasn't his thing. Lucky for us next year we know better than to do that again!He still had fun even though it's not his favorite sport.The Valentines Dance in Bear River!I just love the look on Brentons face! So cute! Of course Josh is doing it right along with them... that is why I often feel like I have 5 kids!Sweet little boys giving mommy a hug!Sissy and Draycin!My deliciously fat little goob!Allie is so darling weather she is a cowgirl or all girly! I had some fun doing my own personal photo shoot at home!
The struggle to get this picture was awful! this is actually the 5th or 6th picture that was taken about and hour or so after the first attempt. Still they are all so cute and wonderful!
I fed the kids scones with jam and strawberry smoothies for breakfast one morning and couldn't help but snap some pictures of Cael's face all covered in the goods!

Well at least I updated and it is only 10:30 pm! Nothin but sweet sleep ahead!


Fond Memories!!!

For Easter I bought the kids some of my very favorite Little (Rabid) Debby caramel cookies. These cookies are not only delicious, but very dear to me! My Great grandma Mikesell used to buy them for us and keep them in her little old oven. When we would go to visit her she always had a treat for us! She was such a wise and loving old woman.... I remember thinking when I was about 10 years old that she was definitely going to the Celestial Kingdom because she was so good! Our family had some very special moments of feeling the spirit and being together while we sat and listened to grandma tell us stories of her youth and her kids. She always sang to us! I often think of her, and miss her! I wish my kids could experience the joy of knowing her.... though, I am sure she knew and had to do with my children before they were born! On days that I miss her the most I am reminded of this song that she always sang to us before we left her house.

Put me in your pocket where I'll be close to you
No more will I be lonesome and no more will I be
And when we have to part dear there'll be no sad
to do.
For I'll be in your pocket and I'll go along with you!

I Love you Grandma!