Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!!

We all wish you a Happy birthday!!! I am so glad to have you in my life! You are a wonderful husband and father! I hope this year brings you peace and happiness! The kids and I Love you very much!! Josh and Shari Fair August 2010

All of the family October 2010

Josh is such a good daddy!

Brenton's baptism 2010!

Wrestling with the smallest of the hooligans November 2010!
Love you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

September 2010

I Know that once again I am playing catch up, But this is only some of the most impotant events from September! Allie and Brenton Started School the end of September after an 18 day vacation to Portugal. We were all glad to have them back!
Draycin's first day of preschool the first week of September!
I know only one picture from Peach days, but at least we went!
Our kids got to go out on the field at the REAL soccer game!
Allie trying as hard as she can to keep her brothers from goofing off or running away.
Draycin Celebrating his 4th Birthday at Grandpa and Grandma Nelsons.
Another Cute picture of Allie and Brenton before their first day of school.
The Spider Man cake/cup cakes I made for Draycin's Birthday!
All our cute kids at the Hogle Zoo for Draycin's Birthday activity! All of our kids are spoiled with lots of "Birthday"!
All the kids loved riding the merry go round!

Uh... I like your glasses honey! I like them alot!
Me and all the monkeys in our family!
The tigers gave us an amazing show! I have never seen them play so much!
Grandpa, Grandma, Allie, Draycin, me, Cael and Brenton in front of the Elephants!
Our little Family! The Elephants are so smart and way fun to watch!
Ever since I can remember it is manditory that you get your picture taken in front of the lion fountain! -Draycin
Our kids on the big elephant statue. Cael was really freaked out because of the noise that comes out of it. You should've seen his reaction to the big gorilla- one word... terrifying!
Cael and Daddy! Of course we rode the train!
Blow up this picture and look at that turtle's baby blues! Gorgeous!
Oh no! Brenton has been captured by a ravenous alligator, and for some reason he is still smiling?? I would be pulling the worst face possible! ha ha!
Look who just hatched out!

Draycin Celebrating his Birthday at Grandpa and Grandma Holley's house!
That's it for now! Hope you liked the pictures!

End Of August 2010

Grandpa Nelson helped Allie raise a pig for the fair this year. Her name was Roxy. Allie Really enjoyed doing this because she is a total farm girl! Mark Loves it too! Grandpa and Allie posing for a picture! There was a lot of work put into it by Mark, and Allie is so grateful! The kids Love to participate and go to the Fair every year!
Draycin was Wilbur and the lamb was Charlotte's web for the peewee lamb show. Draycin, of course, won an award! Thanks Julie to your genius ideas and designs!

Brenton was a leprechaun and his lamb was the rainbow with a pot of gold at the end! He won an award as well! Both of the boys are really good sports because one was a pink pig and the other had to wear his sisters high heeled shoes with buckles. ha ha!

Allie kept her pig really clean and took really good care of her, and we were all very pleased when she took...

Reserve Grand Champion! That means her hog came in second place out of some 200 pigs. She made $1,100 and also got carcass money ($125) because her pigs carcass had a lot of edible meat and just the right amount of fat. Her pig came in 2nd out of all the pigs as well! Lincoln Financial Advisors - Dusty Roche in Tremonton bought her pig and are pictured with Allie and Roxy above!
Over all it was a great experience for Allie and she can't wait to do it again!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brenton's baptism!!

We had Brenton's baptism on November 6th, and it was a beautiful day!! The program went so well and I really feel that Brenton has finally grasped baptism and it's importance! It was an overwhelming spiritual experience to see him be baptised. Come along and have a peek at his day! Just look at that handsome little man!
Future missionary!

Doesn't he look so cute in his suit?!
Josh, Brenton and me before the program began.
Daddy and Brenton!
After the baptism a few of us stuck around to get a few more pictures! Brenton with Grandpa and Grandma Nelson
Brenton and Grandma Fletcher! We know that Grandpa was there watching over us as well.
The kids and some cousins!
Our wonderful children!!
Our family picture was a tough one to get because of the sun... as you can see!

Classic Cheeser from Josh, and cute Brenton!
Grandma Fletcher and grandpa Nelson
Shauntay, grandma Nelson and Jacinda
My crazy brother Chace
Julie, Aunt Marlene, Grandpa Holley and My mom
Dina, Shanna, Lorin and my Grandma

Grandpa Nelson and Grandpa Holley

Grandma Holley
Everyone enjoyed a plentiful feast of soups and goodies at the luncheon! I think we could have fed 50 more people with the amount of food there was! It was delicious....thanks to everyone who brought stuff!!
Sam and Brenton with the cute baptism cake that Aunt Shauntay and Jacinda made him! Thanks ladies!!

And check out this awesome gift Brenton got and a poem by his Grandma Nelson to go along with it!! It was a great day and we are so thankful to all who helped make it happen. We are blessed to have so much family support!