Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Sealing Day March 19th 2011

This is us coming out of the temple after our sealing! That morning as we arrived all our kids were skipping up to the temple with big smiles on their faces and Draycin exclaimed we are going in the temple!! Everyone was smiling and telling us how cute they were!! I was also very excited because We had been looking forward to this day for a long time. I even got to dress in the brides room and be treated like a bride!
It was a cold windy day, but to us it was warm and happy because it seemed as though everything went perfect! Our Sealing was wonderful with some great reminders to Josh and I about treating each other with Love and respect and not trying to change each other, but to just be good examples and supportive! We were warned that because we had a 2 year old coming in that things would not go the way we would like and to be prepared for the worst. I was sure that all the kids would behave because Josh and I had done many family nights about attending the temple and explained to each of the kids what would happen and told them the reason why we were going there. When they came in Allie and Brenton got to sit by their grandmas and watch and Draycin and Cael had huge smiles on their faces. they were asked to come to the alter and place their hands on ours- they did so and remained smiling and quiet the whole time even though the tears were streaming down my face and many others in the room. the kids were all wonderful and everything went perfectly! Draycin and Cael even stood in line by Josh and I as everyone came through to congratulate us. They wanted to be hugged and congratulated too!! the officiator was really shocked at how good all the kids were and kept saying that he had never seen that. I will take it because most of the time one or more of my kids are misbehaving at the same time.
We had a lot of family there to support us and we are so thankful and blessed to have all that could come!! We love you all!!
This is Josh's side of the family!
Sorry for making you all come out in the cold for pictures.
My side of the family!
Brad Peterson at www.bpdesignerportraits.com took all our pictures! He is fabulous and such a great guy. It was sentimental to me because he took our wedding pictures too and we were so glad to have him and his beautiful wife Amy back with us!! Brad remembered how goofy my side of the family is and asked us to take a crazy picture- as you can see- it looks like most should be on some type of medication for being crazy! ha ha!! Check out Brads sight from the link above.
Our adorable kids!

Finally the family circle is united!!
this is one of my favorites!

Our kids were freezing and cael started crying so Amy valiantly blew bubbles to get him to smile again! They were all very good despite how cold and windy it was that day!
Our kids act like that every time we kiss- you know they secretly like it. ;)
Me and Allie! I was keeping her warm while all the boys got some pictures!
We were very happy to announce that we had another baby on the way to all our family that day! So we had to get some adorable "tummy" pictures to prove that little brother was indeed there with us too!!
We waited until I was about 11 weeks to tell anyone, making sure everything was OK this time.
All the handsome boys!

this is my absolute favorite picture that Brad took! To me it has a lot of symbolism in it. All of us holding hands and pulling each other up that steep hill to reach the temple. It is beautiful!!

Our kids finally got to take a break and sit in the warm car while Josh and I got some couple pictures!

We were always laughing about something- some of the pictures were really hard to be straight faced for when Brad and Amy kept saying funny things and telling us to work it for the camera.

After pictures we went and had a great lunch at the Elements restaurant in Logan with our family!! It was delicious!! Josh and I got spoiled because my in-laws took our kids and we got to spend the night at the beautiful Anniversary Inn. I was a great day- a great beginning really. We finally made it there, but our journey to return to the sacred Temple is never ending and I am so thankful for the opportunity that we have to live our lives so as to secure our family together for eternity!!